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UNI CAT Amino HalibutBig Pellet 28m 3kg

1509328 UNI CAT Amino HalibutBig Pellet 28m  3kg
Extra-large pellet, reliably avoids bites from white fish. Simply feed 3 - 4 kg directly to the fishing spot. No more trouble with strict fishing laws like in Germany! Live baitfish and buoys are no longer necessary. The pellets are delivered in a high-quality and resealable bucket! We recommend our Pellet Rig Adapter for easy and safe installation. Also suitable for catching carp.

Content of ingredient 
Raw protein 44,0 % 
Crude fat 20,0 % 
Crude fiber 14,1 % 
Crude ash 1,6 % 
Moisture 1,2 %

fish oil, 
krill flour * from genetically modified soybeans 
wheat flour, wheat gluten 
Sojamehl* * aus genetisch veränderten Sojabohnen 

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